Our selection of honey can vary from year to year. Depending on weather conditions, we can sometimes also get a crop of Basswood (Linden) and Goldenrod. Feel free to send us an email to find out what we have to offer. The varieties below are our most common.

Clover Honey


Our main summer crop comes from the many varieties of Clover as well as Alfalfa and maybe a hint of Basswood and Goldenrod. Plus any other wild blossoms in the meadows and riversides of southern Minnesota. It is a light golden color but varies with each batch and year to year.

Buckwheat Honey


Annually our bees get the chance to forage on acres and acres of organically grown buckwheat resulting in this dark honey, with rich aroma and unforgettable taste. It’s looks are similar to molasses and some say it can taste like chocolate, coffee or liquorice.

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